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The current situation in Belarus is causing a growing number of people in need of help, seeking refuge in our country. Sometimes the help is needed on an ad hoc basis, sometimes it needs to change entire lifes of these people.

In accordance with the mission of our foundation, we want to break the boundries, support, educate, help. This time, our closest eastern neighbours.

To Belarusians in need, we offer a quick “starter pack”:

  • Initially an ad hoc help in organizing a lodge

  • Help in getting done with formalities related to the stay

  • Support in the search for housing and a job or school

We can assist in finding a school and work, through:

  • legal advice on legalization of stay

  • contacting the Polish offices

  • filling out applications

  • contacting the health care

  • support of people who have experienced discrimination, trauma, violence or hate speech

  • help for people in crisis

  • advice on defining educational opportunities in Polish schools and universities

  • assistance in finding a school, university, process improvement courses, training courses, etc., and in dealing

  • with the related formalities

  • assistance in learning polish

  • advice on the use of available tools (e.g. e-learning training courses) allowing improvement of qualifications and

  • skills necessary to find a job

  • advice on job searching

  • preparation for an effective job search

  • CV editing, writing motivational letters and other necessary documents for the process of recruitment

  • preparation to participate in recruitment interviews

  • help in searching for job offers

Our special project


Mirnyj Dom – is a place where we help political refugees from Belarus.