The Group supplies medical aid to Ukraine but first of all – is responsible for transports of injured and sick people to Poland and abroad. The patients are carried to sanitary planes and trains which take them for further treatment.

First transports started as early as in March 2022. Foundation organized collections of medical goods and sent them mostly to Kiiev, Odessa, Lvov and IvanoFrankovsk. People participating in these convoys made contacts with doctors in Ukrainian hospitals and clinics and immediately realized that many patients did not have chances to being cured in war conditions. Therefore, the Foundation purchased the first ambulance which drove to Ukraine. Our first patients were children who desperately needed dialysis. Then there were people suffering from oncological diseases.

Now, in co-operation with the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, Lvov Emergency Medical Services, WHO, and Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration ambulances evacuate injured and sick civilians and soldiers. Many of them passed through limb amputation and require long specialist treatment. There are many children with oncological, nephrological and cardio problems. Many of them were shot during bombardments. Others had serious eye injuries and only immediate surgery could save their sight.

During the war conditions there are limited possibilities to take care of the premature babies or infants. The level of mortality among them is very high, thus the Foundation purchased the necessary specialist equipment to evacuate the little patients.

In the beginnings, transports were operated by medical volunteers. Now the medical staff is over 100 people including paramedics, lifeguards of kpp, nurses and doctors. The Group is co-ordinated by Jakub Balaban, paramedic with 20 year experience in Operation Centre of the Air Ambulance.

Transports are organized on a weekly basis. Ambulances ride in convoys, usually there are a dozen or several dozen vehicles in one convoy. Humanosh Med Evacuation has 30 ambulances bought from collections or founded by sponsors. They operate on the whole Ukrainian territory. Each evacuation is a complicated logistics as the smallest mistake may cost someone’s life.