Humanosh Friends Club

Humanosh Friends Club is a community of patrons and partners of the Foundation who share the Foundation's values in uniting to help people in need, promote the idea of charity, overcome xenophobia, racial, cultural, political and religious prejudice. The Club aims in building the community of like-minded people for informal communication and exchange of opinions, for the development of professional and social connections, and participating in the Humanosh Foundation activities. This is a club of interests, and the interest of this club is in the present and future of our planet.


The aims of the Club are:

  • building a community and promoting the idea of charity as a daily practice;
  • drawing attention to topical social problems, namely the problems of refugees;
  • forming a positive attitude towards patronage and charity in society;
  • ensuring constant interaction of the Foundation with patrons, sponsors and partners.


 The tasks of the Club are:

  • promoting the spread of the best practices of patronage in the field of social projects;
  • implementing an information policy aimed at promoting the values of charitable activity in society;
  • interacting with local and foreign charitable organizations and societies.


Member’s benefits are:

  • member’s organization/personal name on the list of members on the Humanosh website (with consents of a member);
  • regular newsletters with updates on Humanosh activities and opportunities to join them;
  • special event program, including monthly cultural and educational event;
  • “social club” and meeting with new people;
  • medical training from Foundation’s rescuers;
  • possibility to arrange special activity upon your request.

Members of the Club are not obliged to pay any membership fees, participation in all activities at the participants' own request. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Humanosh Friends Club please contact:

Sara Tokina

Humanosh Friends Club Coordinator

+48 799 151 724