January 27 is the day the world remembers the Holocaust, its victims and those of other attempted acts of genocide throughout history. The College marks this event every year in conjunction with the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust. Last year we joined together online as a community of staff and students to share in the inspiring and heart-breaking testimony of Eve Kugler. This year a special afternoon is planned with a variety of workshops led by our Global Politics and International Relations teacher Mr Mark Hopkinson.

Many people the world over are familiar with the Diary of Anne Frank. Whilst setting up a library display of resources about the holocaust, I learned about a similar story from one of our students here at CATS Canterbury. Frank Obuchowicz, will be sharing his family's history and the special part they played in hiding thirty-nine Jews during the Nazi occupation in WW2. The story of those survivors is shared here: Story of survivors - Humanosh 

Franks's  mother, founder of Humanosh - Slawa and Izek Wolosianski Foundation and website author explains:
"During the Nazi occupation of Poland my grandparents Slawa and Izydor hid thirty-nine Jewish Poles in a basement beneath the house where they lived. During those dangerous years, my mother Ania was born literally above the secret hiding place. At that time, hiding a single Jew was punishable by immediate execution. I grew up with this amazing story and it shaped my life. Years later, Slawa was often asked, "Why did you save Jews?" She always answered: "Me? I did not save Jews. I saved people, friends and aquaintances."

Marking Holocaust Memorial Day is a way to learn from genocide for a better future.

A week ago the BBC reported the following: "The UN has adopted a resolution aimed at combating Holocaust denial and is urging member states and social media firms to help fight anti-Semitism. The resolution, put forward by Israel and Germany, was passed without a vote by the 193-member General Assembly."

CATS Canterbury is proud to help combat the epidemic of disinformation and to actively encourage its students to become caring, open minded, critical thinkers and communicators.