Cars for Ukraine

We have managed to biy a few ambulances, which are on the road all the time, but transportation is still a crucial issue in Ukraine. Thus, we purchase and then renovate cars, which will go even in the hardest conditions.Obraz zawierający samochód, zewnętrzne, zaparkowane, transport

Thanks from Vitali Klichko i Vlodimir Bondarenko

Crimes, permanent killing, hunger, lack of basic medical supplies and homes motivates us to daily activities permanently. But who does not like thank you letters. This one from Vitalij Kliczko and Vladimir Bondarenko made us extremely happy and appreciated.

Integration of Children from Abroad

Humanosh Foundation together with Miasto Stołeczne Warszawa runs a project aiming at deeper integration of foreign children in Warsaw schools. Magda Górska, well known actress, met with the kids and spent time with them on reading.

Thank you All our Sponsors and Donors

Most of our activities would not be possible without our donors. We hav ebeen supported by many people as well as companies and organisations. Recently we received active support from, among others, Stearns Bank, Grand Bank Building Products, Patentica Limited, Howden Polska, Fundacja Szkoła Liderów. Thanks to their donations we could purchase articles of humanitarian aid and pass it to Ukraine, equip and renovate ambulances and cars and do lots of other very important things. TIR full of products for people and animals came from Newmarket and Ebrex Polska Sp. Z o.o. i NTG Polar Road Sp. Z o.o transported stuff all over Poland and to Ukraine. Omenaa Foundation gave us a a huge set of disinfectants. – these people like firemen support oru website and other urgent IT cases. Thank you all!

Art for Ukraine

Recently we were please to participate in two special events. Yvette Żołtowska-Darska organised an art exhibition with paintings of her mother – Anna Żółtowska. Part of the income from sales she devoted to Humanosh. Szkoła Muzyczna im. Fryderyka Chopina organised a concert where all income from tickets was also given to our Foundation. Thank you!

Newmarket and Humanosh for Animals

I Ukraine, people die and suffer every single day. We try to help them as much as we can. But please do not forget about animals. Many of them were left behing as their owners were unable to take them. They are hungry, many of them are sick or hurt. Newmarket form Great Britain sent us a huge transport with articles for animals. We managed to pass them to Ukraine safely and see how happy they were!

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