Daria Mejnartowicz


Life Mission: To be a changing force within the World Family

Ph.D. (Physical Therapy), M.S. (Management & Marketing), MBA (Health Services Management), Postgraduate Studies (Sex Education). 

Alumnas of international mentoring programs for „emerging women leaders”, e.g.: 2012 Fortune Magazine/US State Department/Vital Voices Global Women’s Partnership, 2014-2015 Vital Voices & UK AID Fellowship, 2010 Vital Voices Chapter Poland.

Charitable activities since 2012 (3 months after completing Vital Voices Global Partnership program). She continues to devote most of her free time to helping the needy around the world (mostly women and girls – from the Vanatu Islands in the East to Guatemala in the West, from Lithuania in the North to Madagascar in the South).

Daria organizes year-round support for many charitable centers around the world, including urgently needed supplies, raising funds for education, vocational training, recruiting volunteers, bringing together institutions and people from Poland and other countries who want to help, but do not know how, e.g. they would like to fund school tuition, donate tangible things (e.g. clothes), purchase aids or facilities (e.g. sewing machine). All year round she raises funds to support poor families in Podlasie and Mazovia.

She was nominated to 7th edition of the “Rodowicz Anoda” Awards’ top five finalists. The Warsaw Uprising Museum bestows the Award – honorary distinction for people with outstanding social and humanitarian involvement, for serving as an example to young generation. This is a tribute to modern day heroes – people, who selflessly help others and show outstanding social initiative.

Since 2015, Daria actively supports the work of the Dolly Foundation of Ghana, and in May 2015 it nominated her for ”CNN Hero 2018”. The founder, Rosina Teye wanted to honor Daria’s engagement, as well as with the many women she helps working with the mentoring program VVLEAD of the Vital Voices Fellowship.