Support for Soldiers

Thanks to the co-operation with ILIOS Foundation we managed to send two cars packed with dressing materials, first aid kits, thermal clothing from Ski Team. Transport went to Kijev to support the Ukrainian soldiers.

Trying to Be Everywhere where Necessary

Food and warm blankets which did not fit the trucks which went to Ukraine were distributed among the refugees at the railway station in Przemyśl. We were supported by Nilofar, who being herself a refugee from Afghanistan, has actively participated in aid for Ukraine.

Support Comes from Many Directions

Foundation received the bounding materials from USA, we know already that another transport from there is on its way, we also signed a co-operation agreement with NuDay Foundation from the US. We have been also supported by our friends from Israel. Michael Alexander organised fundraising among friends just for Humanosh. Thank you All!


Thanks to the technical and personal support from ANG Group two useful databases started to operate. One is for the willing to offer a flat or room, the other one collects people who can offer car and their time to transport the refugees from the border


of dressing materials, first aid kits, blankets, medicines for Ukrainian hospitals. Our trucks were parked in various places in Warsaw for people to bring medical supplies.

Mirnyj Dom

One of our first steps after the war outbreak was how to enlarge the hostel. The place which earlier hosted about 15 people proved to be able to give homes to 30 refugees. Even the cellar was turned into sleeping space. We bought additionad beds, blankets. All the time we continue collecting things for the Ukrainians at this place. During these hard days Mirnyj Dom became home for more than 40 people. They all received necessary medical support, psychological help and, first of all, safe place to sleep and meals.